Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happpy Birthday Baby

I stared out the window of my corner office. It was a dismal day, typical of February in DC, with the weather forecast calling for icy rain. I made a rude sound and wondered if I could get myself assigned to Majorca. Surely someone would be vacationing there who needed assassinating?

Maybe it was an age thing, I thought morosely. I glanced at the calendar on my desk and sighed. It hadn't miraculously changed in thetime I had been looking out the window; it was *still* February 25th.

By rights, I should have been retired from the field five years ago but ... What was on file with the WBIS was what I wanted them to have on file. According to my records, last July 4th I had turned thirty-six. And I was actually the big 4-0 today.

Yeah, it was my birthday.

Before I could continue mulling over all the reasons why I hated birthdays, my phone buzzed, and I picked it up. "Yes, Ms. Parker?"

"Mr. Vincent, I have Quinton Mann on line two for you."

I licked my lips and looked at the phone contemplatively. Quinton Mann, Deputy Director, Operational Targeting, of the CIA. Why had he called?

The CIA got the jobs the FBI wouldn't dirty their lily-white fingers on.

And the WBIS got the jobs the CIA wouldn't handle.

There wasn't any love lost between any of us. And that was the way it was.

Until that shit, Bonfiglio, who played both sides against the middle, shot Mann in that damned warehouse. Bonfiglio paid for it, of course. No one fucks with my operations.

I'd always had a dossier on Mann; I had a dossier on all the agents, officers, and operatives who were likely to cross my path, and even those who weren't likely, but things had changed after that. I started keeping a private dossier on Mann, one that no one else knew about. I told myself it was strictly to keep track of the opposing team, so to speak. The more you knew about the way an agent, officer, or operative thought, the more likely you were to outthink him.

Then I found I couldn't get him out of my mind. I needed to know ... everything, and not just what I'd been able to get from hacking into his files. What was his favorite pony's name? Who were his favorite authors? Why he got that B+ in English lit his last year in college instead
of his usual A.

And did he prefer blondes or brunets?

I even went so far as to disguise myself as an old school friend and interviewed his mother, and wouldn't the shit hit the fan if he ever found out about that. Not that he would. I was too good at what I did.

I wanted Mann, not as in 'dead or alive', but as in 'in my bed,' and that wasn't acceptable. Oh, not because he was a man. The WBIS had instituted a policy when The Boss took over fifteen years before, and as a result, an active agent's sexuality was taken out of the equation, as that pompous asshole James Adams liked to say, and the agent was able to function at the peak of his ability.

No, the problem wasn't that Mann was a man. The problem was he was CIA.

I took a deep breath, then punched two on my phone. "Vincent."

"Vincent, this is Quinton Mann."

"So my secretary informed me. My, my," I said in my snidest tone. I was not about to let a Deputy Director of the CIA know I was caught short by his call. "The CIA's golden boy is calling the WBIS? To what do I owe this honor?"

I could have been referring to the state of the weather. "I need to see you. Are you available for dinner?"

The sound of his voice alone had my cock hardening, and the unruly thought flashed through my mind, 'I'd *love* to have you for dinner!' The image of him bent over a dinner table and me pounding into him made my cock even harder.

Shit! That had never happened to me before. I controlled my cock, not the other way around.

I pushed those thoughts and images out of my mind and concentrated on the matter at hand. He wanted to meet for dinner.

My mouth was dry. This would be an ideal opportunity to learn more about him. And by extension, the CIA of course. I cleared my throat, and made a show of loudly turning the pages on my daily planner, knowing the sound would be picked up over the phone line. I was a busy man, after all, and I wanted that to be plain to him.

"Hmmm. I have a 5 PM meeting ... " Someone who saw that the necessary funding for the WBIS was unobtrusively filtered into our coffers and who was becoming recalcitrant. As senior special agent in charge of this matter, it would be my job to show him the error of his ways. "... but after that it looks like I'll be free." I couldn't resist adding, "And don't bother asking who I'll be meeting, or why."

"Of course not, Mark. I know you wouldn't tell me, anyway." There was a smile in his voice, and I stared at my phone in shock. He called me by my first name! "Would you meet me at Raphael's?"

"Certainly, Mann." I wasn't ready to relax my guard. He was still CIA. "What time?"

"Seven. Will that give you enough time?"

I considered the man I would be seeing at five o'clock. It would be more than enough time, but Mann didn't need to know that. "Better make it
eight." After all, I didn't want to appear too eager.

"Fine." His tone was almost caressing. What the fuck was going on here? "I'll see you at Raphael's at eight, Mark." The line went dead.

He hadn't told me where Raphael's was, and I wasn't familiar with it, but before I left for my last meeting, I would know everything about the restaurant, down to how much the owner had left on the mortgage and if he'd had to grease someone's palm to get his liquor license.

But the thought that went round and round in my mind was that he called me Mark. Fuck. I was Vincent, or Mr. Vincent. Or even 'that sociopathic son of a bitch,' according to certain members of the intelligence community. No one called me by my first name, not even me!

I wondered why Quinton Mann, of all people, wanted to see a simple WBIS agent like myself for dinner.

I pushed the unexpected invitation from my mind - I had work to do, after all - and pulled up the Senator's file.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Dream of Mark

By: Garry

My Dream: I was working for the city of Vancouver as a drafter. I had lived in Vancouver over six years and was getting tired of the crowds and just the big city attitude. I didn't know what would happen if I said I wanted to leave but I approached my boss oneday and told him I would like to quit work to move to the prairies. I didn't have a job lined up in Regina or anything. I was going to leave and figure out what to do once I got to Regina. I had never even been to Regina before.

I was surprised when my boss told me there was a position available if I would like to take it. Of
coarse I jumped at the opportunity. I put in my one month notice and worked that day. The month seemed to fly by and it was the last day of work. The employees or my employer didn't put anything special on my last day of work. I just got some cards and well wishes. That night I packed and the next morning after breakfast headed to the airport. At the airport I saw Mark and his wife or was it his girlfriend. They were to accompany me to Regina to help me set things up at work for me. I had seen attractive looking men before but Mark had to be the best looking man I had ever seen. I didn't know what it was to be gay I just knew I liked looking at men and wasn't interested in looking at women. I hoped I would grow out of my fantasize with other men. However I had wished that as far back as I could remember. By far Mark had to be the best looking man of all the men I had seen. I tried to imagine Mark in the nude and to feel his
cock. It must have been huge just by the his big bulge in his dress pants. I tried to look away from Mark but couldn't.

It seemed like we had just taken off and then we were landing. I had planned out using my last cheque how much money I had to find an apartment and get settled in. Now on the airport bus across the isle from Mark and Janis I figured out in my head how much I could afford for an apartment for the month. It would have to be furnished to a certain extent until my furniture
arrived from Vancouver. I wasn't paying attention to where we were going and I had felt the bus come to a stop. "Here we are." Mark, as hot as ever, said and got up along with his wife and headed off the bus. I kept thinking how lucky Janis was to have Mark all to herself. I followed Mark and Janis off the bus and into a motel lobby. It was a quant motel but knew I couldn't afford to stay there even one night. I would have to find an apartment right away.

I don't know why but I followed Mark after he got his room key to his room. I guess I had planned on hopefully leaving my suit cases with Mark and Janis while I looked for a rooming house to spend the month. "The wife and I will be in the other room." Mark said once we got into his room. Why don't you take a shower so you feel refreshed after the plain ride."

"That would be nice." I said and started to take off my clothes in the bedroom beside the washroom. I was completely nude when Mark came into the room. Janis was still in the other room and for some reason I didn't expect her to walk into the bedroom.

"Could you take this cord and plug it in for me up by the bed board?" Mark said handing me the plug.

"Sure." I said and I got on my hands and knees and crawled to the top of the bed and plugged in the cord.

I had no idea what I was plugging in. Just then I heard a birring sound and something on my left ass cheek.

"What are you doing?" I asked

"Shaving your ass cheeks I think it will look better." Mark answered

For some reason I can't explain his answer seemed okay and I braced myself on my hands and knees while he shaved my ass cheek. It seemed like a crazy idea though. He was finishing shaving me and I was about to get up when I realized Mark was over top of me and his hard cock was rubbing up and down my ass crack. I didn't say anything but wondered how Mark could be doing this with his wife or girlfriend in just the next room.

"Fuck are you ever tight. I would swear this is your first time. If I didn't see the gleam in your eyes when you first saw me I wouldn't be doing this. Do you want me to stop?" Mark asked.

"No keep pumping your dick into me. It hurts like hell but your so hot looking. I never imagined my first time would be from such a hot looking guy. But what about your wife? I asked.

"She may look hot and all but she doesn't put out anymore. She sure did before we got married. Fuck all this talk I want to screw you." Mark said.

"Oh yes push it into me." I said and held my breath feeling the pain increase as Mark held my hips and I could feel his cock push further and further up my ass hole nice and slow. Then I felt his balls against my ass.

"You're the first guy I ever fucked and wow your terrific. I shouldn't have tricked you, but for me it was worth it. Is it worth it to you?" Mark asked.

I felt Mark's cock deep in my ass pressing against something that was making my cock hard. "You bet it's worth it. Wow, I never expected this before. You hit something deep in my ass." I said

"I noticed your cock is rock hard." Mark said pulling out of my ass. I felt Mark's hand close
around my hard cock.

Mark pushed back into my ass a little faster. His cock felt so good in my ass, but wished I could look into his sparkling hazel eyes as he fucked me. "Oh you feel good. I wish I could look at your great body while your pushing your cock deep in my ass." I said.

"No problem. I'll pull out and you turn over and I'll lift your legs up in the air and screw you." Mark said.

"Really wow." I said feeling Mark's cock slide out ofmy ass. No sooner than he was out of my ass I rolled over on my back and started to lift my legs in the air. Thank goodness Mark helped me raise my legs over my head.

Once he had my legs over my head he said when I get up and start pushing my cock in your ass let down your legs so they droop over my shoulders. I never did this but it sounds like a good idea. I get to fuck you and you get to look at me fucking you." Mark

"Oh this does feel nice." I said looking up into Mark's eyes as he pushed more of his cock into me. I couldn't help moaning with lust.

"Your ass is so tight." Mark said. "I always wanted to fuck Janis in her ass but she wouldn't let me and I didn't want to push it."

Mark was sliding his cock slowly in and out of my ass as he looked down at me. I could see a wild side of him coming out. "Fuck this is good. Really good."Mark said over and over.

"Yes, oh yes Mark fuck me hard." I said

Mark was pushing his cock in and out of my ass faster and harder sweat was dripping off his chest on to me and mixed with my sweat. He kept humping me over and over. I could feel my cock rock hard and wished I could jack off I was so horny, but Mark was leaning over my cock.
My balls were full of cum I could feel them. Mark slammed into me again and suddenly I felt my balls explode sending my cum up and out of my cock.

Just as I exploded my cum all over my stomach Mark moaned. "I'm cummin. I'm cummin. Thank you. OH thank you. How can I thank you?"

"The next time you get horny remember where I am and screw me again." I said.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Boy in the Mirror

He stands before a dusty mirror. It is candlelight night. He is blonde. He is looking at himself. He is in a Roman villa that is old and ancient in disuse. He is bending over slightly. He is boy. He is thick blonde hair. His body is a stream of beauty made human. He is pale. He is slightly shy. He is wearing only white briefs. His back is a small comma. You can see his spine shadows in it. His chest is thin. His nipples are pale. He is pulling down his briefs, keeping his eyes on his reflection in the mirror. His face is kind. It is delicious. It has pale lips. And blue eyes. He is pure innocence. He pulls down his briefs after a single silent sigh. His hips are rose buds of winter when you remember them a long time later.

He steps out of his briefs. He is ecstasy. He has a certain air about him as though he could be anyone he wanted, but he chose to be himself. He stands now, after the briefs are off. He looks at his face in the mirror. His chest, the chest of a child. His abdomen, the abdomen of a child. Thin. And wanting so much. He looks down at his penis and balls, which the mirror does not show us. He stands straight. This is me, he thinks. He is a precision that has come to find out he has a body. That he approves of this body. That it makes him somebody. For the very first time perhaps.

He dreams of love. A different kind. He has seen so much pain. He wishes to be alone. He studies his face, pretends to shave, pretends to be a man and not fourteen. He stands unashamed not. The shyness is still with him. But he loves being naked. Being naked with the man who has just left the room. Who has been naked when the boy was clothed. The boy dared not look at the man, naked, shaving. He must not be bothered by the young man's casual nudity. He is after all still a boy. Of dignity. And propriety. He talks to the young Italian man as the man finishes shaving and dressing. The man goes to lie on the bed. The boy holds onto the bed post. Talking. Shyly. Talking like to a friend. "Would you be my friend?" the boy asks coquettishly. The man says something inconsequential. Wanting..waiting...thinking why do I have to wait?..thinking everything lost and won at this moment at the same time.

And when the man leaves the dusty tired bedroom of this rubble of a palace, the boy goes to the mirror and imitates the man, pretends that he too is shaving. Then the idea, then taking off his shirt, slowly, luxuriating in it, This is sex and not sex. This is who he is. This is a boy discovering the uncharted land of himself. He does not know he was trying to seduce the man. He does not know as he is bare chested, and as he begins the long slow dive
to remove his pants, that he has always been a sexual child. That his face is like summer directly after an tremble ice floe winter. He looks almost in a splendid pain. As he has almost always looked like that. The shy awakening of awareness of awkwardness. The shy longing as he stands without briefs, and looks down at himself. Thinking: this is mine. This is me. And he turns from the mirror for a moment to the bed where the man has lain moments before lain. Then hurriedly back to the mirror. He is safe only in the scope of reflection. He is perfect. He is always surprised by the world. He is always surprised by people. He sees delicately and more deeply than he is aware of. His back is straight. His hips are small crescents. His crack is a merry doorway, waiting. His penis is hard. It is of coral, as is the rest of him. He takes it in his left hand and holds it, touching the hood of it, feeling the shaft of it,
holding his balls in the palm of his other hand. Small balls. Little pubic hair. He has a thick heft of hair on his head, as though stolen from a golden coin that used to be the sun before it died in retrospect of failure in the match against this boy. He is quiet. He has been silent most of his life. There is fear in him. There is need of fear, considering what has happened to him. It is boy examining boy. It is nakedness as bold and loving and afraid as the whole of galaxies.

He begins to masturbate. His hips move as he slowly moves his crotch inward and outward. He is rose bud. He is the first thing he sees in the morning. He is not obsessed with himself. He thinks, I am beautiful, he thinks, I am average, he thinks will someone love me?, the man?, if he ever returns? He wants to educe himself. He wants to lie on the bed of dust and age and masturbate, really for the first time, that has a meaning, that is more than just an incredible good feeling. He wants the man to walk in on him doing this. His face is perplexed. He is lost. He is lost. The wilderness of woods that surrounds this broken down palace. He is afraid of what has happened. And what will happen next.

He wishes to be naked all the time. He wishes to say, see me and desire me, and I will say--no. He wishes a girl with him. He wishes to be naked with her. He is so tentatively here. He is no longer bundled child, but he is not adult yet. There is such serene silence on this hot bug filled summer night in this sweaty cramped room. He wishes to die. He wishes to live forever in exultation. He wishes to smile one of those teary smiles he is so self famously for. He
wishes to stay. He wishes to run away. He wishes to be made love to. He wishes to hit someone. Or have someone hit him. He puts both hands on his hard on. He
strokes it masterfully. Warm. Hard. Blood like an ocean flowing madly in him. Fully. Completely. He looks in the mirror at his face and his mouth goes ooooooo. He is so excited. He closes his eyes in the candle lit darkness of the room. He cums. Spurting. Splattering. On the mirror. He does not smile. He is beyond that now. He has never smiled much. But now he is just a boy delivering a paper in the fourth form.

Come now. No. Stay away. I shall stay here naked, with my come running out of my penis, and on to my flat abdomen and down my left leg. I shall stand here and be a British boy with a high piping girl voice. I shall stand here like an orange waiting to be dressed then unpealed by hands other than my own, which he finds a disturbing thought. I shall stand here and be me. I shall be a painting. I shall be a statue. In front of a prominent building in Rome. People will love me with their eyes, for centuries. And with their hands and bodies too? That he is not so sure he wants.

Whoever and whatever sex and love might be. He holds his throbbing small still penis and he feels the cum in his hands. It is sticky and white and thick. He puts one finger to it, and then to his lips, and tongue. He feels deliciously decadent. He swallows. This, he thinks, will give me the world. Or not. He looks at the mirror. At his face. At the golden sunlight that is him. And he will wait. He will wait. Though not for long. For he needn't. And he knows that,
akimbo arms, then hands on hips, secure, insecure, and sly smile and a hand tracing his nipples and down his chest and he looks at himself in the mirror and feels--

Pride. Just as long as its his own hand doing it. But not, he thinks, for long.

Friday, August 3, 2007

First Time

A few years ago, I lived in a luxury apartment complex. Across the hall was a great guy by the name of John. John was a very well liked guy around town, owned his own business, was attractive, dated several nights a week, and enjoyed most sports. We met while golfing at the complex's course. He had a great knack for making everyone feel comfortable and ready for fun. A party seemed to follow him where ever he went. We became great, close friends--threw many arties for the complex between our suites, golfed, sailed and worked out together. We "doubled" often and Jon always had a great looking date. I noticed he never seem to click with anyone for any length of time, but there was never a lack of company for him. I liked him immensely. He was a wild little guy, bout 5'6" tall, but very well built and confident. He was also a real practical joker and, if some stunt of his was too much for me, I'd fall back on my college football days and call him a fucking tackling dummy, and try to toss him down. It was never easy to get the best of little John physically.
On his thirtieth birthday, I had a surprise party for him. We threw it at my place, and I told all the guests to bring cheap halloween wigs and gag gifts. The one thing John was sensitive about was his thinning hair. You can imagine the laughs we all had watching him open the gifts and trying each one of them on. He got right into the spirit of things and even had us trying them on. But he promised me he'd get me when I least expected it.

Weeks later, I came home late from an exhausting day, fixed a sandwich and plopped into bed to tune out in front of the Television. Except for the light from the set, my room was dark. After an hour or so, I got pretty lonely and started feeling myself. I was getting aroused, so I rolled over and began grinding my hips into the mattress. The friction of the sheets as I rubbed my swollen cockhead against them and the pressure of my hard-on against the mattress and my stomach felt fabulous. I was luxuriating in the ecstasy of bringing myself off. Suddenly the whole bed seemed to erupt beneath me, lifting me up and flinging me off onto the floor. I instantly thought of an earthquake, but the rest of the room was still. I jumped up and looked at the bed. There was that little shit John under the bed, the mattress pushed half off by his legs as he lay laughing at me on his back. he was howling, and I did a quick take on how he must have slipped into my apartment, crawled uder the bed, and waiting for just the right moment to knock me off. Then I realized I was standing in front of him with nothing on and more than half hard. Embarassed, I scream "You fucking dummy", and yanked him to his feet. He broke loose and ran for the door. A flying tackly broguht him down and we wrestled around the room until I finally pinned him down. It was wild and spontaneous, and lying on top of him naked, embarassed at being surprised with a hard-on, really turned me on. John was still laughing. Because I had gotten so hard as we struggled, I felt self-conscious about letting him up. We lay there chuckling and trying to catch our breaths. I could feel his heavy breathing as his chest heaved against my own. With me hard against him I was sure he would notice in a second that I wasn;t just still hot from humping my bed. So I tried to get up, but John saw how rigid I was and started laughing again. I did too. We fell back together, laughing into each other's shoulder about my predicament.

His hands came up and caressed me at the bottom of my spine, and I half-jokingly mimicked a passionate grind against his thighs. He rubbed both hands over the back of my ass and really seemed to be getting turned on. A nervous chuckle started in my throat, but I swallowed it in a gulp. My cock throbbed against him, and he whispered in my ear "Got you Dave."

I could feel his cock grow hard beneath his pants, and I gulped again. The blood was pounding in my neck and I imagined he must have been able to hear it. I tried to pull away again and drew my knees up, but that pushed my dick across his growing hard-on, and my stomach muscles began to quiver. It was an lectric moment. The John responded--his hands slipped caressingly over my then taut ass muscles and he pulled me harder against him by the back of my thighs. He raised his hips at the same time to rub the hard ridge in his pants against me. I felt weak. He kissed my neck and I felt his cock throb against mine. The he rolled me onto my back and my rock hard shaft stood up and plopped against my belly. Cupping my balls in his hand, he gripped the base of my cock in is fist. I looked down as he began to stroke my shaft and squeeze its head. He rotated his thumb and forefinger firmly around that achingly sensitive ridge at the base of my swollen glans, and my cock pulsed so hard it lifted his hand. I groaned and he started to slip his free hand under the small of my back. I arched to let his arm go around me, and my legs slid wide apart. As he stroked down to the base of my cock, my thighs stiffened with arousal. I hoped he ould want to suck me, He rubbed my balls gently and played with the hair between my legs, then I rolled into him and felt the coldness of his belt buckle gainst the hot tip of my dick. I ached to explode but didn't know what I should do next. Trembling, I reached between us and rubbed John's cock through his pants. It was a wild sensation to feel a friend's hard cock throb against my hand while the moistness of his excitement soaked through the cloth and wet my fingers.

We were both kind of stunned. I think at being aroused like this, but we let the excitement play out. "Let's do this right" he whispered. He took off his shirt, then rolled away and I heard him unbuckle and unzip his pants. He sat up and pulled them off. I watched his bare back muscles flex at the effort. The he lay back and I could see his flat lower abdomen, the dary curly hair at the base of his long, solid cock and the untanned skin of his hips. It was gloriously different to feel him roll naked against me, feel my dick rub against his hot cock, feel my leg slip between his hairy legs
and his cool, moist hands cupping my ass and grinding me against him as I pulled him to me. He rubbed his chin through the hair on my chest and nipped the tip of my right nipple between his teeth. A sensational shock ran from there to my groin. I came instantly. In torrents!! I seemed to cum in waves forever, and I continued to throb as he ground his cock to orgasm against mine. When he came, he moaned quietly as if we might get caught by someone.

I told him I needed to clean up and got up and turned on the bathroom light. I pulled the bed together while he got up to wash himself and I began to recover some poise and started to laught about what had just transpired. "What's so funny?" he asked, and I walked to the bathroom doorway to explain, feeling a little guilty about what we had done. John was wiping his belly with a washcloth, the water dripped down to his groin and glistened in the hair there. He was still hard, and as he wiped I felt that weak feeling again. I watched him rub the cloth over the shaft of his dick. He had a Huge cock for such a little guy.
A tenseness showed in his eyes, and I looked away and stepping into the shower. "Want to do this right too?" I asked. He ducked under the spray with me. I rubbed our cum from my body. he took my soft prick in one hand and stroked his hardness with the other. I began to get hard again watching him stroke us oth. The he knelt in the spray and slid my half-hard cock into his mouth. He sucked me until I was as hard as I had been earlier, concentrating his tongue
on the tip of my cock, and all around the tip. I stepped out of the spray and pulled John more into it and knelt before him. I explored his body with my mouth. His hard cock pulsed against my chest and neck as I buried my face in the matted wet hair that ran from his belly to his groin. I took the shaft in my hand and put my mouth over the tip. It was warm, wet, tautly smooth and solid. John moaned, still softly, and slid his hands around the back of my neck. I thought he wanted me to suck him deeper and I tried to swallow the whole length of his shaft, I couldn't, so I sucked all around the tip, running my tongue around the firm ridge there as he had done to mine. I could taste a bit of his cum and began to feel hot again. I bobbed my head, sliding his dick into my mouth as far as I could go without gagging. Returning to the tip and then sucking him deeper, I got into it. I sucked and licked him firmly until he began to pump himself to his own special rythm. He came very hard, staggering against me, and moaning loudly, his prick jerking as his come spilled onto my tongue. I swallowed his warm load and then sucked him until his trembling stopped. John pulled me to my feet, and he whispered "Thanks buddy!" and kissed me deep, sharing the taste of the load he had just given me. John and I repeated that shower scene many times, and slept together whenever mutual lust presented itself. The ironic thing about my experience with John is that it was my first experience with another man. One I will never forget!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Night With Toby

I was on summer vacation in California, staying with my dad in San Juan Capistrano. I had just finished my junior year of college and was looking forward to some much needed relaxation. The last five months had kept me locked in the library for hours on end. I only stepped out to maintain my exercise regime. Running thirty miles a week in the Arizona sun had tanned my 6'2" frame a nice bronze and had kept me at a thirty inch waist. My hours of swimming kept the rest of my body toned and my weight at 180lbs. I don't want to sound narcissistic, but I looked pretty hot.

Now, as I said, I was locked in study, so I hadn't been with anyone in five long months. I was aching to get fucked by a nice, hung top. I went to my usual website to track down someone in SoCal who could give me what I needed. After an hour of searching, I came across TToby22 .
According to his profile, he lived in San Juan. He listed his height at 6'6" and his weight as 190 lbs. He was not quite as muscular as I normally like, but his height and lean, toned body helped make up for that shortcoming. Searching for the most important thing, I saw what I was looking for: an eleven inch cock. That settled it for me. I sent off an email and hoped for a quick response.

Around seven that night, I saw that TToby22 had responded. He wanted me to meet him down by the pier at nine o'clock. I took a quick shower and threw on something simple but sexy; running shorts to emphasize my tanned and toned legs and a sleeveless shirt to show off my muscular arms. I looked my self over and I must admit, I looked a little like a hustler.

I drove down to the pier early and decided to kill time with a little walk. I always loved strolling along the pier and listening to the waves roll in. I found my self a nice spot near the middle and stared off into the distance, thinking about how much I wanted to fuck this guy.

I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. Turning, I saw a silhouette of someone who was exceptionally tall. As he walked over, I tried to think of something clever to say, but lust had shut down that part of my brain. Right now, it would take some concentration not to throw myself on his crotch before he opened his mouth.

"Hi," he said, extending his right hand, "I'm Toby. Are you Jon?" I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. I reached for his hand and we shook, his hand engulfing mine. "Do you wanna take a walk to the end of the pier?" he asked. I nodded again.

We started a slow walk to the end of the pier, heading for the small snack shack. Since it was after nine on a weekday, the pier was practically deserted. We passed a couple of fisherman who were packing up for the night. While we made small talk, Toby admitted something that surprised me.

"I've only been with one other guy," he said. "We were on the volleyball team together. I wanted to fuck him, but the first time we tried it, he said it hurt too much. So I haven't really been with anyone else since."

My mind raced at the thought of having such an untouched guy at my disposal. I changed the direction of our walk so that we'd end up behind the snack shack. "Don't worry, Toby," I said, "You'll get the chance to use that big cock of yours tonight." At that moment, we reached the back edge of the shack and I quickly pushed him behind it.

"What the fuck?!" he cried.

"I need to do this," I said, grabbing his cock through his shorts. His eyes went wide and his jaw hung slack. I started to rub his cock, feeling it stiffen in my hand. "Relax, Toby. I just want to make sure you enjoy tonight."

I kneeled down in front of him and unzipped his shorts. I reached in and pulled his stiffening cock out. Semi-hard, his cock was already at eight inches. I leaned in and took the head of his cock in my mouth. As my tongue ran along his glands, Toby let out a low moan of pleasure. I began to work his cock in and out of my mouth, taking a little more down my throat each time. I could taste the precum that was almost pouring out of his cock. "Jesus," I thought, "This guy needs to get off bad." While I was sucking his cock, I could hear Toby moaning in pleasure. He
would whisper things I couldn't hear because of the surf. I felt his hand tentatively touch my head. He slowly ran his hands through my hair, unsure of what to do. I had about nine inches of his cock down my throat when he put his hands on the back of my head. As I kept sucking, I could feel him exert a little pressure, trying to force more of his cock down my throat. I decided to go "balls to the wall" and pushed my self to take his whole cock. As I swallowed all eleven inches, I could hear him moaning, begging me not to stop.

Now that my throat was accustomed to his massive tool, I really started to work his manhood. I loved feeling his cock slide down my throat. I also loved taking his large head and sucking it, coaxing him to cum. Toby began to get a little more forceful with his grip, pulling my head on to his cock, his hips thrusting to force it down my throat.

Once he established a good rhythm, I let him take control, fucking my face for all he was worth. Since it had been so long since his last time, it wasn't long before he said, "I'm cumming."

He started to withdraw his cock from my throat. Not wanting to miss out on his spunk, I stopped him when his head was on my tongue. Suckling on his cock like a newborn on a teat, I pushed him over the edge. He flooded my mouth with his tasty cum, shooting at least seve ntimes. I eagerly swallowed his load, cleaning his cock when he was done. I gave his cock a
little kiss and put it back into his shorts.

Standing up, Toby looked at me with half closed eyes. "That was amazing. No one's ever swallowed my stuff before."

I smiled at him, loving his inexperience. "I'm glad you liked it but the best is still to come. Why don't you take me to your place and let me take care of you," I said, my hand gently rubbing his crotch.

He swallowed hard. "Um, sure. That'd be great." We walked back to the parking lot and got into our cars. I followed him to a little bungalow on the beach, isolated from the other houses by a quarter mile of sand in either direction. "It's my parents' place," he said shyly, "I just stay here during the summer."

"Very nice," I said, trying to keep the jealousy out of my voice. "Is this a private beach?" I asked.

"Yeah. It's nice because nobody ever comes out here."

"Really," I said, my mind racing with possibilities. "Toby, why don't we sit on the beach for a little while and enjoy the surf?"

A look of confusion crossed his face. "I thought you wanted to go inside."

"I do," I said, chuckling a little at his naiveté, "But let's just rest on the beach for a few minutes. Bring those towels with you." I then turned and started to head down to the sand.

I heard Toby's disappointed mumblings as he followed me down. I chose a spot about fifteen feet from the water line and asked Toby to lay out the towels. Toby sat down, his legs stretched in front of him, his arms behind him to prop himself up. I sat next him, my legs crossed. I rested my head on Toby's shoulder and decided to wait to see if his confidence had beenbolstered enough to make a move. After a couple of minutes, I knew that I would be in charge of this evening's activities.

"Toby," I whispered, to get his attention. When he turned to look at me, I moved in for a nice deep kiss. I forced his mouth open and let my tongue go exploring. Not wanting my mouth to have all the fun, I reached for his tented crotch. Unzipping his fly, I put my hand inside and started to slowly jack his rock hard cock. Feeling it throb as I ran my hand along its length was getting me hornier by the second.
I wanted this go farther; being out in the open was really turning me on. I took his cock out through his fly and gave it a couple of strokes to smear the precum along the shaft. Thankfully, I'd had some practice in getting my shorts off while making out. Not breaking our kiss, I shucked the shorts and climbed in to his lap. I could feel his cock pressing against mine, hishead rubbing against my tight stomach.

I could tell that Toby was starting to feel more confident. As I pulled my tongue back, he pushed his into my mouth. My hands stayed busy, unbuttoning his shorts and exposing his entire crotch. My right hand went back to stroking his cock while my left moved to his nipples. I gently squeezed the right one and gave it a little twist.

That action seemed to electrify Toby. He gave a long moan into my mouth; his hips thrusting his cock through my hand. Now that I knew how to push him over the edge, I decided to move on. Pulling my self away from our kiss, I looked him in the eyes. "You just relax, baby. I'm going to make you feel real good."

Toby gave a slight nod as I moved down. His breathing deepened as nibbled and sucked the flesh along his neck and shoulder. I moved my hands under his shirt, massaging his toned stomach and chest. I let my hands brush his hard nipples and enjoyed the soft mewling sound he made from the contact.

I leaned back and pushed the bottom of his shirt over and behind his head. Now that his chest was exposed, I licked my way down and latched on to his right nip. Toby took a sharp intake of breath as I took his nipple between my teeth; rubbing my tongue across the top.

"Oh man, that feels so good," he whispered, "Please don't stop."

I could feel the precum that was pouring out of his cock coat my stomach. I continued to suck on his right nipple for a couple of minutes before moving over to the left one. Giving it the same treatment, I knew that Toby was on the edge. I could feel him thrusting his hips up, pushing his cock into my stomach.

I broke off from his nipple and ran my tongue down his stomach. I continued down further, pulling his shorts down as well. I stopped to lap up the small amount of precum that had pooled at the base of his cock. I then gently started to lick the edge of his groin.

I moved slowly towards his nuts. I loved the feeling of the small amount of hair that covered them as I pulled one into my mouth and rolled it along my tongue. Toby's quiet moaning excited me but I forced myself to go slow. Once I had thoroughly coated the left, I moved to the right side of his sack and began to lick and suck. I moved my hands along his thighs and hips, rubbing very gently.

After giving his sack the proper amount of attention, I moved towards my ultimate goal. Starting at the base, I licked my way up his cock, my tongue taking in all the precum that had coated it. I thought of it as a nice, big Popsicle. I made sure to clean every inch of his shaft as I moved towards the head; taking a little longer than necessary because I just loved the taste of his cock.

Once I reached the back of the head, I gently massaged the ridge with my tongue, coaxing more precum to flow. This also increased the flow of moaning and quiet begging from Toby.

"Oh please, suck my cock. I wanna cum so bad. Please suck it, suck it hard please."

I teased the head of his cock a little while, enjoying the sound of his pleas. But I wanted to suck his cock as much as he wanted me to suck it, so I wrapped my tongue around the under side of his ridge and took the head into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head, swallowing the tasty precum as it came from the slit. I began to bob my head, taking three or four inches into my mouth. Within a couple of minutes, I started to deep throat all eleven inches, setting a slow steady pace. When his shaft was buried, I would massage it with my throat muscles. It took a lot of practice to learn to do that, but it drives every man wild. Toby was no exception as a loud cry of pleasure escaped from his mouth. I was glad that I blew him at the pier because I knew that he would have shot just then.

Letting Toby enjoy the pleasures my talented throat had to offer for a few minutes, I reached a point where I could no longer suppress my own lust. Moving slowly off his long cock, I made sure to leave a nice amount of spit behind to thoroughly coat the head. I rose up on my knees and started kissing his mouth. Toby opened up and I enjoyed the tenderness of a nice deep kiss.

Taking his cock in my right hand, I put my left hand on his chest to steady myself. Putting the head of his cock at my entrance, I began to pushdown. Toby's eyes flew open at the realization of what was happening. I broke the kiss and whispered softly to him, "It's okay, baby. I want you
inside me. I can take it."

The anxious look on his face disappeared the moment the head of his cock penetrated my ass. The look of pure ecstasy on his face is something I'll never forget. I slowly lowered my hips down, taking his cock in inch by glorious inch. I love the feeling of a big, fat cock filling my ass. When my ass was resting on his pelvis, I took a moment to enjoy having eleven inches of cock in me. I began slowly riding his dick, pulling four or five inches out before pressing them back in.

My breathing got harder as the head of his cock kept rubbing my insides. I could feel my nuts churning as my cock leaked precum. I flexed the muscles of my ass to increase both our pleasure. Toby started thrusting his cock into my ass, his cock hitting me harder and harder.

"Oh Toby," I moaned, "I love how your big cock fills me up. It feels so good stretching me out. Fuck me, fuck me harder."

Toby responded, slamming his hips up to meet my ass. I was no longer riding his cock; I was riding a bucking bronco. The feeling of his cock slamming up my ass, his nuts slapping my cheeks, was sending me over the edge. I did everything I could to hold back long enough to make Toby cum. I squeezed my ass tighter and started pushing down harder. I knew he was close as his breathing became labored and the speed of his thrusts increased.

"I'm close," he panted, "I'm going to cum. Oh, Jesus, I'm cumming!"

The first throb of his cock sent me over the edge with him. My ass flexed around his cock as I shot my load over his chest and stomach. I could feel him filling me with his seed; my orgasm helping to milk every last drop from his cock.

When he finished shooting, Toby collapsed backwards onto the sand. "That," he panted, "That was amazing."

I smiled down at him. "I'm glad to hear that but we're not done yet."

He looked up at me, astride his hips, his cock still buried in my ass. "What do you mean?"

"Toby, it's not even midnight. We've got all night. Trust me, you'll never forget this." I leaned down to give him a kiss. While we made out, I gently played with his nipples. I knew he was enjoying it as I felt his cock harden in my ass. The feeling of it expanding in my hole got me hard again too. "Let's get inside," I said, rising off his cock. I missed having that monster in me, but I knew I would have it again soon.

I stripped off my shirt and grabbed my shorts off the ground. I sauntered back towards the bungalow, putting a little shimmy in my ass. I turned to see Toby quickly gathering everything up and walking hurriedly back to the door. In his anxiousness, he forgot a towel on the beach.

With the door open, I could see that the place was setup like a hotel suite. I quickly scanned the area and spotted the door to the bedroom. I stepped inside and turned around when I heard Toby close the front door. I reached up and pulled him down into another kiss. He dropped the towels and put his arms around me. One hand rubbed my back while the other massaged my

We made out at the front door for several minutes. I extricated myself from his grasp and reached for his cock. With his cock in my right hand, I turned and gently pulled him towards the bedroom. Stepping inside, I was greeted by a four poster king sized bed. I smiled as my mind filled with ideas of how to take advantage of my hung stallion.

Friday, July 27, 2007

If Only

I looked forward to beginning college for a number of reasons. Since,
being as objective as possible, I was fairly bright, I had been tracked for
college since early elementary school. When I was accepted to the
University of Illinois, it was as much a relief as anything else.

In addition, I had spent all my life in a very small town. I don't regret
a second of the experience, but I was ready for a change.

And one of the big reasons for looking forward to the move was that
hopefully I could find more people to screw around with, both girls and
guys. With an enrollment of 35,000, U of I seemed to at least have some
potential in that regard.

My first home on campus was Oglesby Hall. Although I was taken by the fact
that it was the newest facility, I didn't appreciate the drawback of it
being at the other end of the known universe from most of my classes until
it was too late.

New student week was a blur. Lots of people, still some money left from
summer jobs, and no classes for awhile yet. I met a lot of people, and
forgot most of their names almost immediately. But some made an

Steve was one of the first people that I really hit it off with. He was
from Morton, Illinois, a sort of suburb of Peoria. He appeared to be
reserved on the surface, but as I got to know him better he liked to just
sit back and observe the goings on around him. It was an air of near
detachment that for many was an affectation, but for Steve was his way of
not taking life any more seriously than necessary.

It was about the end of new student week when we were in the dining room
finishing our institutional lasagna, talking about movies. 2001 A Space
Odyssey had just hit the theatres, and with the HAL computer having been
created in Urbana, there was an additional tie-in. Neither one of us had
seen it, but it was in our plans.

"As much as I would hate to end all the speculation, we could just actually
go see the movie" I suggested.

"That might work" replied Steve, "but there is a meeting I was going to

"Oh, I didn't mean tonight. I've got something else to go to, too. Maybe
the weekend. Matinee or something."

"Sounds like a plan. Catch you later."

What I didn't mention to Steve is that the event on my calendar was a
meeting of the gay students in the Union.

Now I suspected from reading the available information on student
organizations that the gay students group was more political, more
agenda-driven, than social. And that's fine. But I was hoping to find some
people like myself who were less concerned about defining themselves
through their sexual preference than just getting laid as much as possible.

That being the objective, the last thing I wanted to be was on time, or –
gasp – early to the meeting. The idea was to be about the last one in,
maybe 5 or 10 minutes after the meeting started, so everyone can check you
out, and vice versa.

So about 7:00 I entered the Illini Union, walked around for about 5
minutes, and then entered the meeting room through the rear door (no jokes,

A number of heads turned, and I returned the more obvious attempts at eye
contact with a smile and a nod. I pretended to concentrate on the
ever-so-earnest speaker, when there was a tap on my shoulder.

"You really need to get here earlier if you want a seat, Stu" Steve

That would go down as one of the more WTF moments of the semester. I made
a vain attempt to regroup.

"Your meeting over already?"

"Nope. Started about 8 minutes ago, same as yours."

We needed to put a damper on our conversation, muted as it was, so as not
to be unduly rude to the rest of the group. But at that point I could – as
we used to say – give a shit less about the rest of the meeting.

Finally, the speakers were done, a sign up sheet was passed around – I
wonder what happened to the letters they sent to Hermie Melville or Hank
Thoreau – and we were out of there.

Steve and I walked together down the Quad.

"So can I ask what you found interesting about the meeting?" he eventually

"Actually very damn little. And I wasn't expecting much either."

"So why go? Got to be enough to do around here otherwise."

"Take a wild guess."

"If I had to take a wild guess, it would be that you went for the same
reason I did."


"To scout out the talent."

I laughed.

"So what did you think of what you found?"

"I think there is some serious potential. What about you?"

"Definitely some areas for follow up."

"Agreed. But I think both our roommates are in the rooms studying."

"Damn pre-meds. But I think we could probably find a quiet spot in one of
these buildings. Pick - Lincoln or Gregory."

Lincoln Hall and Gregory Hall were two adjacent buildings on the south end
of the Quad. Lincoln was larger, and usually had less traffic.


We walked into Lincoln, and then took a flight of stairs up to the third
floor. We saw no one. A restroom was down the hall about 30 feet to our
left. Empty.

"You kiss?" I asked. Some did, some didn't.

"Come here and find out."

The answer was yes, and well. As our tongues played together, we groped
our denim-covered cocks which were trying to rip out of our jeans.

"Let's get in a stall, just in case."

I quickly grabbed the seat, which gave me first dibs on cock. Steve pulled
his out – a nice, cut 6-incher – and I went to work.

Ordinarily when it's someone I like and it's the first time, I really want
to make the blowjob a work of art, something that would hang in the x-rated
section of the Louvre. But usually those occasions are not in a public

So a quickie it was. But his cock and cum were no less sweet for the

After I had milked the last of his juice, we switched places. Steve's oral
skills got me off in no time, and my knees nearly buckled as I shot my load
down his throat.

We got everything back inside our jeans, got all zipped up, and then left
the bathroom just as someone was entering. We did our best to keep a
straight face, although the look we got suggested that we were not all that
successful. Too bad.

So at least I had made one sexual connection that seemed likely to keep me
from going too long without getting my rocks off. The fact that he was a
good guy as well was a bonus.

Not that it was in any way easy. With 50 other guys on the floor, you
couldn't really be overt. Having to coordinate our class schedules, our
roommates class schedules, and our sexual activities should have gotten us
at least one hour's credit. Would have stood out on a transcript, for

Once classes got started the semester really started to fly by. Late
October and early November saw midterms hit, and then we started into
cruise control before Thanksgiving break.

It was about two weeks before Thanksgiving that Steve gave me some news.

"Hey, you know they have that science thing down here next week?"

That "science thing" was a program for hyper-intelligent junior and senior
high school students to spend some time visiting campus. The part in the
movie about the HAL computer being invented in Urbana was not all that
far-fetched. The Illinois faculty collected Nobel prizes like the Southern
California backfield collected Heisman trophies, although they probably
made less money doing it.

So the more they could expose the school to the best young minds, the
better. At least that was the theory. And thus the event that was called
– for obvious reasons – "Nerd Weekend" – although any one of them would
have explained how that was incorrect because the program began on a
Thursday and technically the weekend didn't begin until a Friday until you
stuffed them in a closet to shut them up.

"Yeah, I know. You planning on getting smart or something?"

"Nah, too late for me. But my brother and one of his friends are coming

"Lucky you."

He smiled. "Maybe."

I was puzzled, and he did nothing to solve it.

"I made need a favor, though."

"Such as?"

"Ed (Ed was Steve's roommate} is going back home to get an early start on
Thanksgiving. But I still need another bed."

"Luck is with you. Jim (my roomie) is heading out, too."

"So you don't mind putting up with a 13 year old for three days?"

"As long as he doesn't make too much noise with his slide rule we'll be

I didn't give it a lot of thought after that. I was taking 19 hours, an
overload, and was a James Scholar – an honors program of sorts – and so was
using what for most students was a blow off period to try to maintain some
sort of acceptable academic standing. Running a mini youth hostel was not
exactly on the front burner.

But as happens before Thursday, Wednesday rolled around. With both of our
roommates gone, having set a school record by cutting out 8 days early for
Thanksgiving, we were able to get some rather leisurely sex in after lunch.

One of the things you learned to do when engaging in sex – any kind of sex
– in the residence halls was to put the mattresses on the floor. The beds
were on rollers, and usually right against the gypsum board walls. Figure
it out.

So it was that Steve and I were laying on the floor in his room, his cock
still in my ass, when the subject of the weekend's logistics became

"I figure my brother will be in your room, and his friend Dan with me."

"I could give a shit less, but I would have thought the opposite."

"Hey, you'll really like Tim. And it gives him a chance to get to know
someone new."

"Like I said, I could give a shit. What time they getting in?"

"My folks were going to bring them down tonight after supper. Probably
about 8:00."

"O.K. I'll make sure all the women are gone. Or at least dressed."

Steve started laughing.

"Thanks, but you know that was really lame."

"I know, but..."

Phone. Not a reach over and pop it open cell phone, but a black sit on the
desk and the cord comes out of the wall phone. My ass bid adieu to Steve's
cock, and I got dressed and headed to my room to get my books for my 2:00
class. As I left, I could hear him engaged in conversation with someone
wanting to sell him a newspaper subscription.

The afternoon came and went. Then supper in the dining room. Baked
spaghetti. (Didn't we have regular spaghetti for lunch yesterday?) Then a
little studying in the basement library.

The library wasn't much of a library. But it was quieter than most other
places in Oglesby Hall. And you always stood the chance of meeting a girl
from neighboring Trelease.

I had dozed off with my head on my linear algebra text – it seemed to work
as well as actually trying to read it – and was awakened by Steve tapping
me on the shoulder.

"So that's your study secret."

"Don't tell anyone until I publish the research."

"I thought you were suppose to publish and then make up the research."

"That's only for federal grants."

"Ah, o.k. Hey, company's here."

We hopped on the elevator and went up to fifth floor. Tim and Dan were in
Steve's room.

They were both about 5'4". Dan was a blonde; Tim had Steve's dark hair.
Both wore glasses. They probably didn't weigh 200 pounds combined. I
noted neither pocket protectors, nor extensive acne, so they didn't qualify
as geek poster children.

"Gentlemen, welcome to Oglesby Five."

"Thank you" Dan offered. Tim remained quiet, his apparent reticence not
that far removed from his brother's normally reserved behavior.

"Tim, you wanna go put your stuff in my room?"

"Sure." He speaks.

We walked down the hall into 511. I gestured to Tim to make himself at
home on Jim's side of the room.

"Closet's not locked so if you need to hang some things up feel free."


Apparently the stores were not enforcing a limit on plaid madras shirts
because it seemed like that was the only thing in Tim's suitcase. Not that
I didn't have one or two in the closet myself.

Tim emptied his suitcase and slid it in the space between the end of Jim's
bed and his desk. The rooms in the residence hall would have made an
Apollo astronaut claustrophic, so having room for one extra thing was a

"So let's go see what Dan and your brother want to do."

"I think maybe not now," Tim answered.

"Why do you think that?"

"Cuz they're probably getting it on."

WTF Moment Number 2.

"They're what?"

"I think you heard me," he smiled. Great smile. "They like to play around
with each other."

"O.K. That would explain..."

"That would explain why Dan is staying with him, yes."

"So I guess we won't be meeting them for breakfast."

"I hope not."

"Why is that?"

"Cuz I want to be playing around with you."

WTF Moment Number 3 over and out.

I am rarely speechless, but this was too much too soon.

"Steve says you're great. I've been wanting to make it with you since he
told me I'd be staying here."

I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I was beginning to feel caught up
in a sort of sexual hurricane. I turned out to be right.

"Well. What the hell. Why not?"

I locked the door, and then, with Tim and I each taking an end, we took the
mattresses off the bed and made a sort of queen-sized play area on the

Throwing my clothes in the general direction of my bed – or at least the
non-mattress portion – I stripped and turned to check on my soon to be new

WTF Moment Number 4 I have died and am proceeding to heaven.

Sticking out from between Tim's legs through a still expanding patch of
pubic hair was a fucking fire hose. Except this fire hose was standing
almost straight up and was over 8 inches long.

"Tim, we are going to have a great weekend."

I knelt in front of him, almost in homage to the most magnificent cock I
had ever seen. I ran my hands over it like an archeologist who has
unearthed a long-lost treasure.

"Are you going to suck it? A lot of people like to suck it."

Where to begin with something like that? I put one hand on the base, not
that the thing needed any support, and use the other to guide the tip into
my mouth. Knowing that I could in no way take all of him, down my throat
anyway, I took my time.

I very tenderly worked the head of his cock with my lips and tongue.
Around the head, an inch or two up the shaft, a little tickle on the piss
slit, then repeat. Repeatedly.

"That's nice."

I relinquished my prize long enough to say thanks, but quickly resumed my

"Can I suck you, too?"

Since a verbal answer would have required taking Tim's dick out of my
mouth, I carefully rotated my body until my cock was in his face. The
subtle hint was not lost.

Tim had some degree of skill, and a lot of eagerness. That is a tough
combination to beat under most circumstances, and this was no exception.
He was taking it quicker than I might have under the circumstances, and
that, coupled with the incredible sexiness of the moment had me near an

"Tim, you're doing great, but you may want to take it a bit easier. I'm
almost ready now."

"I know. I want you to cum right away, so we can fuck."

I caught his drift. So we can fuck, meant so I can fuck you. Oh my God.

"You want that up my ass, do you?"

"Yeah, and you want it up your ass, too."

Well, what is life without a challenge.

"Then you better finish sucking my cock then, hadn't you?"

Tim probably did not need the extra encouragement, knowing that me getting
my rocks off was the only thing keeping him from royally screwing my ass,
but he rose to the challenge. It took less than two minutes, and I had
fired my load down his throat.

"Good work, amigo. First time I'll bet."

Tim laughed. "First time was a while ago. But I'm glad you liked."

Now the moment was at hand. There were storage drawers, the rooms being
too small for dressers, built into the beds. I reached in and found the
never-far-from-me and in this case absolutely necessary jar of Vaseline.

"You know what to do with this, right?"

"Just roll over, you'll see."

I've always like laying on my side when I take it up the ass, seems more
leisurely. There are times when I like it a little more vigorous, and will
be on all fours or leaning against or over some wall or piece of furniture,
but vigor in this case might have proved fatal for me. This one was gonna
be as easy as I could take it, considering what was going to be going up my

Tim started by wiping the lube around my asshole. Then he added more, and
inserted one, and then two fingers to loosen me up a little more. I guess
I must have let out a satisfied sounding moan because I heard him ask "you

I think I answered "mmmm" or something else that could have been
interpreted in the affirmative, because I felt what had to be a third
finger enter. The little SOB was gonna have me ripped in two without even
using his cock.

"Showtime, Tim. Let's get fucking."

I could feel what I thought was Tim applying some more Vaseline to his
dick, and then I felt the head of his cock at my asshole. Here goes.

"Slow and steady, Tim."

I felt the initial penetration, which given the working over Tim had given
me with his fingers wasn't as much of a shock as it might have been. Then
there was more, and more, and still more. Glorious.

"How are you doing, Stu?"

"I'm getting fucked by the hottest cock on the planet, how do you think I'm

"You think I'm hot?"

"Tim, if you weren't already illegal, you'd have to be outlawed."

"You don't mind that I'm not in high school or college or anything?"

"Are you enjoying this?"

"Yeah, you know that better than anyone."

"Anybody making you do this against your will?"


"Then what's to mind. Anytime you don't want my cum down your throat, or
your cum up my ass, just say so. Otherwise enjoy."

"Speaking of my cum up your ass..."

"Yeah, back on topic. How are we doing?"

"Halfway in, little more, little less."

Halfway. Sheez.

"Let's get it all in, then you can do some pounding."

Tim grabbed my hips to get some more leverage. I could feel his dick
going, in the cliché of the day, where no man had gone before. And few

"Done. Now time for you to get seriously fucked."

Tim started out with slow, gradually lengthening strokes. Even after a
number of years, and a number of cocks, I still struggle trying to describe
the feeling. It was just off the charts.

His strokes started getting longer and more violent. I had never
experienced anything like it; each thrust felt like it would tear me apart.
Needless to say, I loved it.

I laid there with my eyes closed, moving my hips back to meet his strokes.
I could hear his breathing quicken, then stop. I knew what was next.

"Don't yell" I cautioned, just in time.

Tim turned his head and grunted, growled, you name it, into the mattress.
He was quiet for several minutes.

"How're you doin' back there?" I asked.

"I'm great."

"I'm supposed to say that."

Even Tim laughed...a little.

"You liked it, huh?"

"Liked is not the word. I was in heaven. You know I'm gonna need this
again before you leave."

"I hoped you would say that. I'll bet you wouldn't mind doin' me sometime

"Well, I wouldn't turn you down, that's for sure."

The phone rang. I usually don't like getting out of bed to answer phone
calls, especially if it involves leaving a naked partner unattended. But I
had a hunch who it was.

I was right.

"So, did you and Tim hit if off?"

"Let's just say you're in my will."

"Why don't you two think about getting some clothes on? We were gonna head
out to Mr. G's and get some pizza."

"Yeah, as if you're dressed. See you downstairs in five."

The four of us met in the elevator lobby at the appointed time. Everyone
had this JBF look to them that would, if anyone had been paying attention,
been a dead giveaway to the evenings activities. The lobby was, however,

We walked across Florida Avenue, traffic being light, to Steve's car, and
headed to Urbana for our pizza. I usually prefer the thick-crust Chicago
style pizza, widely available on campus, but sometimes the think crust,
square-cut variety had its appeal. And I had worked up a serious appetite.

As drank our pitcher of Pepsi and waited for our pizza, Steve and I sat
there observing the almost giddy looks Dan and Tim exchanged with each
other. While I hated to be the one to have to break into their reveries,
there was the matter of the purpose of their visit to discuss.

"Hey, far be it from me to be an adult or anything, but where do you have
to go tomorrow for this program, and when do you have to be there?"

Dan reached into his jeans pocket and retrieved a heavily folded piece of

"It says South Lounge Illini Union 9:00 a.m. They are going to take us
around to places from there."

"So you need to leave Oglesby at 8:30, latest."

"Shit" said Steve. "I've got nothing tomorrow until 11:00."

"I've got an 8:00 trig class in Altgeld..."

"Idiot" Steve interjected.

"True, but I still have to go. You guys can either walk up with me and
hang out in the Union for an hour, or go later by yourselves."

"What are the chances you two are going to get up on your own?" Steve

Tim and Dan looked at each other.

"Zero" Tim answered.

"Or at least approaching zero" Dan agreed.

"O.K. I be your native guide. You eat breakfast, Dan?"



"No. Wake me up at maybe 10 after 8."


The arrival of the pizza ended the logistical phase of our discussion. We
spent about 20 minutes in small talk mixed with food consumption and then
returned to Oglesby.

We said goodnight to Steve and Dan, then retired to my room.

I made no comment to Tim, but stripped and flopped on the mattresses, this
time taking a sheet, blanket, and pillow with me. He soon joined me.

"So Steve figured we'd get it on, huh?"

"Yeah. He kind of watches out for me."

"How's that?"

"Well, you know I'm kind of..."

"Yeah. Very much so."

"And he's worried that I might attract the wrong kind of person."

"I can see where that would be a problem. So am I the right kind of
person, so far anyway?"

He leaned over and kissed me.

"Steve said you liked that, too. And that's a yes, by the way."

I leaned over and brushed my lips against his.

"Good. But there is an obvious question, albeit none of my business,

"I know, and the answer is no we don't. We jerk off together, and
sometimes one of us will watch the other do it with someone else, but Steve
and I have never made it. I think he's conflicted a little, me took,

"Well, however you've worked it out, seems like you're doing pretty good."

"You liked the blow job, huh?"

"Yeah. As they say, I never had a bad one, but you are a talent."

"Thank Dan. We practice a lot."

"I will remember that. Now do you want to get it on again, or grab some
sleep? Morning will come earlier than you think."

"I was gonna say you could suck my cock for a few minutes, but then we'd be
back at it. Let's get some sleep. We've got all weekend."

Tim rolled over and faced away from me. He made no objection when I slid
over beside him and put my arm around him.

"Good night, lover." I gave the back of his neck one last kiss.


I woke up about 7:00. I hadn't set the alarm clock, but ordinarily I am
not a late sleeper. I threw on a robe and grabbed a towel and headed off
to the bathroom to grab a shower before breakfast.

There were about 6 showers on each floor. Unlike some of the older
residence halls, there was an individual changing area for each shower. I
usually took the farthest unoccupied one. As I walked to the end of the
row, I heard someone else in one of the stalls.

"Hi, Stu."

"Morning, Dan."

I leaned over and whispered "I see Steve let you escape".

He whispered back "yeah, and you left that cock of Tim's all by itself in
your bed".

"What could I do, it was too heavy to lift?"

Dan laughed. Then he pulled his robe off and turned to face me.

"I bet this would be easier to lift."

His dick was maybe half the size of Tim's, but was fully erect.

"I can think of other things to do besides lift it" I answered.

"Like what?"

"Like stand on this bench and find out."

Dan was standing on the bench in an instant. I bent over just a little,
and started slipping his cock into my mouth. Just exquisite.

However, before I could get really into sucking his cock, one of the
bathroom doors opened. I ducked into the next shower stall, hoping that
whoever it was had just come in to take a leak. No luck. Shower time had
begun in earnest.

Dan and I finished our showers about the same time, and as we walked out
the door into the hallway he whispered to me "Tim and Steve's folks are
driving down tonight to take them out to dinner. You're gonna be stuck
looking after me."

As if I was going to pay attention in class anyway.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

France and Beyond

So, that's how it started. Fourteen years old, and away from home on a school trip. It was odd, really, because I had been going out with Carol for some time - since I was twelve, I guess. She was pretty, and had deep blue eyes, pale gold hair, and a face to die for. I had thought myself really lucky to have her as my special girlfriend.

I was a bit worried about what to do when we kissed, though. I mean, I could cope with all the usual stuff, and I really enjoyed it when Carol put her tongue in my mouth for a change. And the cuddling was good, too, but I kept wondering what to do with my hands - where do you put them? There were too many places to get told off for! Kissing was as much as Carol wanted. A great snog, but not much else.

I'd tried stroking her breasts - beautiful if you like breasts - but I've always thought of myself as a "bum and thigh" kind of a guy. It didn't do much for me. Didn't seem to do much for Carol either, apart from make her cross! I tried my hand on her bum - tight, adorable, kissable bum. Well, if I ever saw it without clothes over it, I hoped it would be kissable. But she took it away. The hand, not the bum. Come to think of it she did take the bum away. Kissing was what she wanted. Now I wanted it too, but all my mates and I had been pretending that we'd had sex since we were 11, so I had a sort of image to keep up!

That's when we went on the school trip

It wasn't easy to get the money to go. We weren't poor, exactly, it's just that my Dad's money was kind of spoken for. When he heard how many of my friends were going, he and Mum managed it somehow. I guess he was pleased that I got along with Carol so well, and that she was going along. He decided when she came round after school to do some work together and told him that she was looking forward to the trip

We caught the train from Victoria Station did I tell you I live in London to Folkestone, and catch the ferry to Calais. This was not long before the Channel Tunnel. Then took the train to somewhere in the South of France, and stayed in a sort of school place. Lots of kids stayed there. I shared with Carol as much of the trip as girls and boys were allowed to share. No kissing, no cuddling. The teachers were pretty strict about that.

Usual stuff. I suppose all kids abroad for the first time do it. We made fun of the French place names, shouted at French kids, bought cigarettes we never intended to smoke from the machines on the station platforms when we changed trains. They were horrible - I was nearly sick. I decided I was never ever going to smoke. We made a real nuisance of ourselves. I'll bet the teachers were glad to see the back of us at the end of it.

It was a long trip. I shared the sleeping compartment - rock hard bunks - with five other boys from my year, and got no sleep at all. We just talked, laughed, and larked about, and, of course, discussed sex. We each had to do a "truth or dare", and I found myself avoiding the dare, which was to - well never mind what it was to do, it was dead embarrassing - by saying that I never knew what to do with my hands when kissing a girl. I got away with it - phew! We had some pretty gross dares. I could have strangled the kid who suggested it. Apart from the dares, it was all pretty simple stuff. No-one really wanted to do the dares or force anyone else to, and we all thought no more about it. Or so I thought at the time.

The school we stayed at had shared rooms, two boys or two girls to a room. I was sharing with Nigel, a kid in my year, one of those "Sports Gods" who gets picked for every team going. Good looking kid, and really fit. Not part of my group, and not really any more than someone I just knew.

We unpacked - well threw our stuff into cupboards - and set out to find food, then a ball to kick about. it was about seven at night when we had our supper, and then we were packed off early for bed. A long trip, and an early night. heck, it had taken us about 20 hours to get here, we were tired.

As the lights went out, Nigel and I kept talking.

"What's this I hear about your problem with your hands?"

"What problem - my hands are all right?"

"Well, the guys you travelled down with thought you didn't know what to do with them when you were kissing Carol", he said.

"Yes, well, mmm" I mumbled, though why I was embarrassed just then I hadn't the slightest idea. I suppose it was just because there were just two of us.

"Hey, Chris," that's my name, Chris, "no big deal. I, er, was a bit shy about what I was going to ask you" said Nigel, smiling by the sound of him, "If you don't want to talk, that's fine by me"

"No, go on, it was just rather a surprise, that's all. It was a truth or dare thing."

"Well," said Nigel "I know you've been going out with Carol for some time, and that you guys are an item and all that. Loads of people are dead envious. I'm sort of envious. You probably don't know, but I've never kissed a girl. And Carol's friends say you are a fantastic kisser."

"Mmphh" Oh embarrassing in the extreme, but rather good to know, I thought. Jeez, what's coming next?

"Well... " Nigel hesitated, "well.... I was ... I was... kind of hoping you would give me a few pointers on kissing?"

This was really weird, but I felt myself becoming all brotherly, and I haven't got a brother, nor a sister, so I'd no idea what was going on. This god of the sports field, who was actually good looking enough to have a whole army of girls all to himself if he only realised it, had come to me, me, to ask how to kiss. I guess I would have gone to him to ask about soccer, so fair deal.

"Well, erm, OK, Nigel, but what do you mean?"

"This is sort of embarrassing, but I've no idea how to start, even," he said softly. "I mean, it all looks so, so wet!!

Now I don't know whether I had the idea, whether Nigel had the idea, or what. I still can't tell, even today, if it was the best idea or the worst idea in the world. Whatever it was, however it happened, I found myself asking, as a brother, you understand, "Have you noticed that girls practice kissing before a date?"

"Do you mean practice kissing with you?" he asked.

OK, brave now. I could do something that the god couldn't. "Sure, why not. I mean it won't mean anything will it? And there's only us to know. There is only us, isn't there?" I was suddenly not quite so brave.

"I'm not sure" he said, softly. "I guess it would be OK."

So that's where we found ourselves. Sharing a room, and talking about kissing as a sort of clinical exercise. And did we do it? Sure we did. Right then and there. Both of us, well certainly me, feeling a little foolish. Nigel and I got out of our beds, and came into a clumsy clinch.

We banged noses. "I can see why you need lessons!" I laughed "Tilt your head to your right. Now, gently put your lips on mine. Keep them dry mind, and I'll take you a step at a time."

This was kind of fun. Nigel was strong, and felt good to the touch. A firm body, strong back, my height, well perhaps a little less, and, even after the trip, smelled of soap and shampoo. His lips were yielding, but strong, as though he knew what he was doing.

We broke apart. "Helps if you can breathe through your ears, he giggled. Can we try the tongues bit next?"

He seemed almost too eager. Liplock, and I found his tongue in my mouth before I could tell him what to do. And, do you know, it felt good. Better than Carol. What am I saying, how could it be better than Carol, she was my girlfriend, and we snogged every time we could? Better than Carol. There was something electric about this body in my arms. Better than Carol, better to hold, better to kiss, better to - my hands were going down to his bum. Better than Carol.

I broke apart. "Nigel, I need a break" I had to come to my senses.

"I know. I kind of feel that way too", he said, out of breath. "It felt really good when you ran your hands all over my body - I thought you didn't know what to do with them?"

"I.. I'm not sure you really need lessons. You seem to know what to do by instinct. I'm tired, I think. I need some sleep." Truth was I was actually very aroused, and I didn't want Nigel to know. Well, obviously he could have felt it, the pyjamas were pretty thin, and we were holding each other, but then I hadn't noticed whether he was too. In fact I hadn't even thought about it.

Have you ever tried to wank silently when you have a room mate? Just holding the covers high enough not to rustle, keeping the movements delicate to stop the bed from creaking, trying to keep control of your breathing? Stroking your cock so delicately? Moving your foreskin down and back, just gently, just gently, and hoping he wouldn't notice? Catching yourself starting to tense, and straining to stop speeding up, to keep breathing normally, keeping control of the sounds you make when you cum? Have you?

I had. I did. But it was all wrong. I tried as hard as I could to picture Carol, as I usually did, but Nigel kept coming into my head. Just the feel of him. I think his image was with me in my head when I came that night.

The next morning, nothing was said. Just another day. Nigel and I went to breakfast, and sat together - nothing remarkable in that, most room mates sat together - at breakfast. We had some sort of outing to go on that day. Why is it that school trips are nothing but travel, and then to really boring places?

I sat with Carol on the bus, as usual. Nothing had changed in my feelings for her. I still wanted to kiss her, but I wanted something more, too. We found a place for a snogging session around lunchtime.

"You seem different," she said when we came up for air, "not sure what, but there's a sort of urgency in your kissing. I haven't felt it before."

"Is it better?"

"Mmm," she purred dreamily, "more interesting, more, oh, I don't know, more tense, somehow. French air must be romantic after all! I never believed it would be, I though that was all rubbish!"

I felt different. I don't know what it was, but I felt different. Not so much of a kid anymore, but not grown up yet, either. I began to feel that I actually knew what I wanted, except I didn't know, and I knew I didn't know, and I wished I did know, and came over all weak from the effort of thinking about it and it was all too complicated anyway.

There was one thing I did know, though. I thought I knew. I knew that I wanted to try another kissing lesson with Nigel. I mean, I wasn't attracted to him or anything, but he made me feel really good, and I liked that feeling. I wondered if he would want it, too.

Oh the afternoon dragged. I fell asleep on the coach. Why we couldn't go to the beach I didn't know. Sun on our backs, salt water on our bodies, and sand between the toes, that was what we all wanted to do. Visit another damn ruin was what the history teacher wanted to do. Bugger ruins.

I wasn't so tired at lights out, though. "Nigel?"


"Do you want to...?"

"Do what we did last night?"


"I'm not sure. Do you?" This could get ridiculous. How to break the after you, no after you cycle without seeming stupid, or even gay?

"Well, have you learnt enough?" That should do it, I thought.

"Is there more?" he asked, very softly.

"Practice makes perfect" Ouch, what a stupid phrase.

"The thing is," he said, after I had extracted his tongue from my mouth ten minutes later, all the while wondering how it had got there so quickly, "the thing is, I may have something to teach you."

If you have never been in this situation, you'll never know what was going through my mind. On the one hand we were engaged in legitimate research into the arts of kissing, so it was scientific. On the other, I was in thin cotton pyjamas, so erect and excited I thought I was touching the ceiling with the tip of my cock, and I could sense that Nigel was the same. This was forbidden.

Forbidden, but exciting, and private, and suddenly I didn't care what happened to me, what I did, even where I was.

Hold back. Seem unsure. Heck I was unsure. "What do you mean?"

"Well, we all talk about sex, right?"


"I talk as much as anyone, but I've never been with a girl - well you know that anyway"

"Uh huh?"

"I'll bet you haven't either?"

Now this was a real low blow, right into my mini-masculine pride. I'd been telling people about my exploits for years. Not that there had been any, but I'd been saying that there had been. "The truth? No" I almost whispered.

"I'd like to return the favour for the kissing. It would be a kind of favour to me as well."

"What do you mean?"

"Do you trust me?"

A little trembly now "Not sure"

As we were speaking, Nigel was getting closer to me. Well he couldn't get much closer, but he seem to be closer. I noticed things in the darkness about him, the shape of his eyes, the spun silver of his hair - or was I imagining it? The sweetness of his breath, even after toothpaste! His hands moved very gently over my body, starting at the nape of my neck, and moving in circles so light as almost to tickle, but without tickling lower down my spine, just stroking. I was hypnotised. I told you that he was a sports god. This boy was doing something for me, and I was enjoying it. "If I can say 'stop' and you promise to stop, I trust you." I heard myself breathing the words.

"I promise." And he kissed me again, and it was electric, and I saw lightning, and all the stars came on and went out in a flash.

I don't know when the pyjamas disappeared, either his or mine. I just remember feeling skin against my skin, and it was for the first time in my life, and it felt good. I felt his hands, warm, soft, yet strong, stroking my whole body, all over except not anywhere near where our two cocks were almost tied together. Oh, I knew Nigel was excited now..

"I'm going to teach you about sex." I never actually heard him say that, I just felt it, as a breath in my ear. My heart was pounding, and I could hardly breathe. "I'm going to be so gentle, so gentle, soo gentle . ." his voice faded away, and he was kissing my neck, and I was stroking him, and holding him so tight, yet so loosely at the same time.

We kind of reversed onto his bed, him first, me clumsily on top of him, and rolled to be side by side. His hands, those wonderful hands, never left me for a moment, and he still was just stroking my body, smooth body, almost hairless, apart from those strange little wisps I wanted him to touch at the base of my cock. "Lie still," he whispered.

Lying on my back, I could see him outlined against the moonlit window, sitting beside me, looking down at me, see his arms, watch his hands moving down my chest, down my sides, down my legs. I could see his shoulders, the curve of his head, the join of his neck with his shoulders, and he was beautiful. And he was here with me, and stroking me. "You're beautiful," I heard him say. "You're beautiful."

And then he kissed my cock. And gently, so gently took it into his mouth, and with his hands gently slid the skin down the shaft to expose the cockhead, and cupped my balls in the other, and ran his tongue all over it. And I couldn't believe it. And then he started to move up and down on it, slowly up and down, licking, nibbling, but never with teeth, and massaging behind my ball sack, between my legs with one hand or the other, but never hard enough to make me cum. "Nigel ...." I gasped.


He was kneeling straddling me, facing me. I could see his cock, straining towards me, drips forming at the tip. I wanted to kiss it. "No, this is my treat," he said. He took the drips, and placed them on the tip of my cock, there between his legs, by his own, for he was sitting, kneeling on my thighs. "You're going to fuck me."



And my cock was in his hand, and he was moving upright, and placing it, oh so carefully between his legs. "But ..."

"Shh" So softly, and I looked at his, and his eyes looked at me as he shushed me, and I saw into his soul.

As he began to put his weight on me, on my cock, my hard, wild cock, I saw his expression change, and a moment, just that, of pain flashed across his face and I felt a tremendous urge to thrust forward. He was hot, sweating, and so beautiful, there above me, looking down, with the tip of my cock only just inside him. And it felt good.

He was there for ever, then imperceptibly lower and lower. The skin on my cock seemed to stretch, and I was inside - inside that hot, secret, velvet place, and gripped so tightly that no hand could ever feel like that. And he moved up, then down. And I was sliding deeper in, then out, and so excited. I was almost cumming just with the thought of it. I reached for his cock. "Not this time. This is my gift to you," he murmured. "I love you, Chris. I've loved you since we met, and I want to be with you for ever. This is my gift to you."

And he moved faster and faster, until I thought I would burst. Tidal waves came crashing through me, my back arched so strongly it lifted both of us, and I came, hot, for ever, hot, deep inside the boy who loved me, who wanted me for ever. I've never felt like that before. Almost vicious with the pumping, hot, hard, and so deep inside him. And I knew.

Oh I knew. "Nigel?"


"Hold me." I was in tears, not sobbing, but weeping, not afraid, and in love with Nigel - my seducer, my lover.

And somehow, we were in each other's arms, and both weeping gently, and neither of knowing exactly why we were in tears.

And that's how we woke.

"Quick - make my bed untidy!" That was my first thought, because we'd spent the night on Nigel's.

We just made it, or was it unmade it, when the wake up crew came in to get us up for breakfast. I looked at Nigel, almost as though it was for the first time. How can I describe him: The brightest pools of blue eyes, smiling, cheeky, under his hair, spun silver shot with gold. Happy, smiling mouth, pink cheeks, and a sort of radiance around him that I thought everyone could see.

"Did you really tell me you loved me?"

"I really love you."

"Nigel, I've never been loved before. I don't think I've ever loved anyone before either. I feel really strange, but I don't want it to stop. I think I love you, too." Scary, but I'd said it, and I found my body meaning it.

Oh no. Carol. What was I to do about Carol? "Nigel?"

"Mmm?" dreamily.

"Nigel, what am I going to do about Carol?"

"Yes, I'd wondered about that. Don't do anything yet."

"But she's going to want to snog with me,and and and "